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Will speaks eloquently about a diverse array of topics, from impressions to the temperance of persona.

Philip is also there.



The Tire Fires (Philip Simondet and Will Roberts) are a Folk Punk Rock band from Minneapolis.

Even their happiest songs are pretty fucking depressing and their lyrics are full of dark humor, but they play them all through giant grins and humorous banter.

"like John Lennon without the peace" - some drunk guy

"you can’t be too drunk or you think it’s for real depressing but if you’re just the right amount of drunk there are some fun tunes" - some other drunk guy

“depressing, but honest... and also funny” - some high guy

"the happiest un-happy anti-acoustic acoustic punkiest non punk band of the nineties trapped in the noughties who forget it's 2021" - some guy on the internet (who sounds pretty drunk or high to us)

“Tenacious D meets Green Day” - some sound guy

"intensely conversational to the point of comedic relief" - some music critic

"poignant and direct" - the same music critic

"I like the directness in the lyrics and the rawness of the emotion" - some online music forum moderator

"the lyrics are very clever... just not the vibe I was expecting" - some therapist

"the Glen Hansard of comedic strife" - some musician who knows us a little

"if you know The Tire Fires, you know cynicism" - some musician who knows us a lot

"Nobody writes an “unlove” song like the Tire Fires!" - some Pittsburgh radio DJ



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