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Pictures of Us Sad thumbnail.png

Written By Philip Simondet

couples only photograph the good times

as if joy was all they had

but that won’t help them when they break up

let’s take some pictures of us sad

I have pictures of you kissing me

in matching costumes on Halloween

the birthday party I threw for you

you and me and a scenic view

our shadows in a heart of snow

the trip we took to Chicago

all of our friends ice skating

the pics we took that were just for me

it’s killing me to look through albums

of all the better times we had

it’s only making me feel worse

let’s take some pictures of us sad

dressed up for a holiday

self shots taken from an arm away

in the bar where we first met

up on stage singing a duet

dressed as June and Johnny Cash

in silly hats or alien masks

sets of three from photo booths

these photos prove you once loved me too

if we were smart we would plan ahead

and get the camera when things were bad

because I think it might help me now

if I had some pictures of us sad

I wish I had a photo of

you telling me you fell out of love

I wish a pic could convince myself

I could be happy with someone else

but all I have is photographic proof

I was only happy when I had you

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