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Orange Juice and Neosporin thumbnail.png

Written By Philip Simondet

well, last night it was our final talk

the time we had the love we lost

now I know that good things only end

pictures of you in your wedding dress

got me thinking how my life’s a mess

and knowing that we won’t be friends

so this morning it was all regret

and research on the internet

long sleeves in the summer heat

at the market in the cooler aisle

I took break to cry a while

I hope dead eyes can be discreet

because outside the sun is shining

but in my heart it’s pouring

now it’s orange juice and Neosporin

well, last week it was a big surprise

everything was sharper than I realized

I thought nothing was as fragile as a heart

it was wine to wash down Ambien

and hoping for an accident

that’s when I saw how easily flesh can part

there must be a better way

to release the pain I’m storing

now it’s orange juice and Neosporin

and a better man would know when to say when’s when

but I’m not smart enough to know when to give in

if I were I wouldn’t be so Goddamn broken

but I am

last month was living Hell and dying hope

now I know that it’s a joke

when they say that time heals every wound

all that time has done so far

is turn my scabs into scars

but the cuts that hurt ain’t healing no time soon

because every night’s a dark night

every morning I am mourning

now it’s orange juice and Neosporin

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