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Sexless and Alone thumbnail.png

Written By Will Roberts

I used to feel lovesick

I used to feel sad

I would spend nights dreaming

of love I used to have

it would cause me heartache

it would cause me pain

now I’m feeling nothing

I’m empty in my brain


now I’ve got the answer

living on my own

I’ll spend the rest of my life

sexless and alone

I used to get horny

and I guess I still do

now the feeling’s different

now it’s not for you

I used to want someone

I used to go on dates

now I stay home Friday nights

and try to masturbate


some folks are born this way

but I don’t think that’s me

loneliness I recommend

if you want to be free

I used to be loving

I used to want to give

all of that’s behind me now

it’s no way to live

all you foolish lovers

who pity me will see

you’re the ones who should be sad

I’m better off just me


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