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Written By Philip Simondet

why read the

fortune when

the cookie

it comes in is crushed?

like us

and the trust

babies cry

when they’re born

‘cause they know

that life is pain

it’s the same

it’s insane

to try it all again

I spend all

night dreaming

about you

then I wake up depressed


still dressed

I toast to

your memory

then I drink

to try to forget

the rest

I regret

boy, I try my best

but there’s something about your face

whiskey can’t erase

the wise man

on the mountain

can only

teach you how to climb

waste your time

not mine

when life gives

me lemons

I hold them

for so long that they rot

I forgot

to not

waste potential that I’ve got

to try to not give up on love

I might still find someone

to make it all worthwhile

I’m almost ready to make

another huge mistake

but I know it won’t last

‘cause there’s something about your face

no one could replace

and I’m not

saying you

can’t be happy

just do it somewhere else

go to Hell

fuck yourself

out of sight

out of mind

only works

when you’re blind and crazy

someone save me

‘cause you gave me

more pain than I can take

see I know I am a disgrace

‘cause I can’t face your face

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